MTC, Huawei test 5G in Namibia

Ogone Tlhage
Namibian mobile operator MTC and Chinese telecommunications company Huawei tested their 5G capabilities this week, saying it will not only lead to faster and more affordable connectivity, but also change the way communications are carried out in Namibia .
This according to Huawei country manager for Namibia, Michael Zhang.
“5G will fundamentally change the way we live, work and communicate. It will enable a wide range of applications that will drive economic growth, increase productivity and improve the quality of life of the people of Namibia," Zhang said while testing the technologies.
According to him, it is up to Namibian citizens, businesses and the government to provide funds and to find ways in which they could best benefit from using the technologies.
Huawei will work closely with MTC to ensure the technology can be successfully introduced, Zhang said.
The launch of the trial phase is in line with the government's efforts to put technology at the heart of its development agenda, said Information Minister Emma Theofelus.
“This attempt is groundbreaking and historic. It symbolises Namibia's move and commitment to placing technology at the center of the national development agenda. Namibia aims to industrialise by 2030 and as technology continues to evolve, we can only achieve this vision by keeping up with the latest technology that supports and promotes the fourth industrial revolution," Theofelus said.