MTC not liable for network glitches – CRAN

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Ogone Tlhage
The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) says it will not penalise mobile telecommunications operator MTC for recent network issues, saying it had complied with all relevant laws.
Spokesperson Katrina Sikeni said MTC had issued a notice that its services would be interrupted, exonerating it of any fines. According to the regulator, MTC took a proactive approach in dealing with its network glitches, legally removing any liability on its part to incur any penalties or fines. “No action will be taken against MTC, as they complied with the legal requirements and took the necessary action to restore their services,” Sikeni said.
MTC had late in January suffered glitches on its network, with some customers not being able to make calls, and others having USSD and internet connectivity problems. This was followed by a notice that its customers in Walvis Bay would have to deal with a slow network due to upgrades.