NESA 2022 AGM to be held over Discord

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) invites the public to its 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be taking place on Saturday (9 April 2022) via the NESA Public Discord server.
All registered and paid-up members can join the meeting to vote on matters outlined in the agenda. The general public is also welcome to listen in on the meeting, although they will not be allowed to make any input towards decisions.
A general Q&A over NESA matters and activities will be hosted after the meeting conclusion to address any public queries.
The meeting opens at 13:00 and officially starts at 14:00, and all interested persons are invited to attend. Please ensure to mute your microphone immediately after joining the channel and only enable it while speaking.
Discord can be downloaded on a computer or from the Play Store app on one’s phone. The server for the AGM can be accessed via
Topics that require voting will be voted on through online systems which will be shared and explained on the day of the AGM.
NESA recommends that everyone looking to participate in this year’s national qualifier tournaments attend the AGM, since some important information will be shared regarding the format and participation of these tournaments.
For more information, contact NESA at [email protected]