RA’s data safeguarded by Paratus

Roads Authority Namibia (RA) is the latest client to move into the new Paratus Namibia Armada Data Centre (DC) in the capital.
The RA’s data migration process was fast-tracked in under 24 hours and sees Paratus now providing the RA with an internet link for the eNaTIS ‘online renewal’ of licence disc services as well as a Layer 2 link from their HQ to the DC itself.
The RA is responsible for the wider SADC “TRIPS/CTMS” (Corridor Trip Monitoring System) project, and because Namibia was chosen as the region in which data needs to be stored, the Armada DC provides the ideal solution for the RA’s data protection.
Paratus sales account manager Daniel Joaquim, who managed the process for RA says that the safety and security of data and equipment is a monumental concern for the association and particularly for the Corridor Trip Monitoring System (CTMS) project.
“We need to give our clients peace of mind that they can fully trust us with their biggest asset - their data - 24/7/365. Data loss or a security breach of any kind would compromise the information of many thousands of clients across Africa and would be catastrophic. Armada protects its clients against any such risk and offers total resilience because the Paratus Group owns and manages multiple international links from Namibia into the SADC region.”
Stable and secure
When asked about the association hosting their data at the Armada DC, RA chief executive Conrad Lutombi, says: “We are grateful that Paratus was able to provide us with a stable, reliable and secure hosting services at Armada DC.
“Our road ahead will be smooth and direct because, thanks to Paratus, we are fully equipped with the newest and most robust technology.”
Paratus Namibia MD, Andrew Hall explains: “Businesses today understand that technological advancement is critical for economic development and, to participate in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), they need an independent, secure, and highly sophisticated data centre facility to store and protect their data 24/7/365; one that can house and physically protect all equipment and computer systems.”
Armada also offers an array of add-on services and features such as fully equipped boardrooms, high-quality video conferencing facilities and business continuity rooms. Paratus continues to facilitate growth for all Namibian enterprises, multinationals, and SMEs by continuously looking for opportunities to improve and increase infrastructure across Africa.