Sowing connectivity seeds at the Windhoek Show

The Q-KON Namibia team enjoyed their time at the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show.
Since the company’s success story is built on forging lasting relationships with customers and partners, the show was a good opportunity for Twoobii engineers and marketing department staff to engage with people who could benefit from advances in satellite connectivity.
Perhaps more than any country that Twoobii operates in, Namibia offers immense potential to demonstrate the advantage of Smart Satellite Services: vast distances, rugged terrain, and a widely dispersed population with many remote business locations in the agricultural and mining sectors, as well as in ecotourism.
Demonstrations of satellite connectivity were conducted throughout the Show at the Twoobii mobile trailer. Visitors – especially farmers – could see for themselves how modern satellite connectivity solutions could easily be integrated into their operations to provide a frontline or backup communications system.
Communicating effectively is one of many challenges that farmers face in Namibia’s beautiful but often unforgiving landscapes. Farmers rely on the timeous relay of data (such as weather updates or produce prices) to make vital operational and business decisions. Having reliable, failsafe communication options in the event of a natural disaster is also vital for farmers living far from the nearest source of help.
As such, there was a great deal of interest in the Twoobii demonstrations, as well as in the provision of complimentary Wi-Fi at the stand during the Windhoek Show.
“I enjoyed meeting the many visitors who stopped by the Twoobii mobile trailer and having the chance to explain our Smart Satellite Services to them,” said Manfred Engling, Managing Director of Q-KON Namibia. “It was a privilege to be given this opportunity to create awareness of our broadband/Wi-Fi offering, and I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the trailer.”
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