Tech partnership event hosted in WHK

Axiz and Oracle recently convened an exclusive tech event aimed at delving into innovations and technological advancements, fostering insights, and cultivating collaboration opportunities for digital transformation in Namibia and beyond.
The event commenced with opening remarks from Aldo Strappazzon, the branch manager of Axiz Namibia, setting the stage for a day filled with engagement and enlightenment.
With Namibia's burgeoning oil and gas discoveries, digital transformation and business evolution serve as catalysts for change. ICT companies and those operating within the oil and gas sector stand to benefit significantly from harnessing and leveraging digital technologies to optimize operational efficiency.
Nipun Mamgain, the territory manager at Oracle and keynote speaker, underscored the importance of data in today's digital milieu, likening it to the new oil. He emphasised the imperative need for data protection to safeguard both companies and citizens.
Kehad Snydewel, the managing director of Green Enterprise Solutions, highlighted the indispensable role of ICT in organisational transformation, driving Namibia toward prosperity. He emphasised the collaborative ethos among local partners and expressed enthusiasm for the potential growth in the ICT sector.
Snydewel articulated Green's vision of becoming a powerhouse in IT services and innovations, pledging to contribute to the growth and development of Namibia's ICT sector through partnerships with entities like Oracle and Axiz. Their commitment lies in assisting organizations of all sizes in embracing technology for meaningful business transformation.
With a shared commitment to embracing technology for advancement, the event served as a platform for partners to exchange ideas, explore cutting-edge solutions, and pave the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds.
As Namibia stands on the brink of a new socio-economic boom propelled by developments in oil and gas as well as renewable energy, technology will play an indispensable role.
Green and entities like Axiz and Oracle, are poised and eager to be integral parts of these developments.