Facelift at Midgard continues

O&L Leisure announced the start of further upgrades and renovations of 25 rooms at the Midgard resort.
“As Namibia transitions into a premium destination, O&L Leisure is aligning its positioning and overall offering to meet the requirements of this new luxury market,” says Sven Thieme, O&L Group Executive Chairman and Managing Director of O&L Leisure.
“Our dedication to this new premium positioning is evident in our investment into the sustainable upgrading and expansion of our properties, including Midgard. These enhancements not only elevate our overall offerings and guest experiences but also ensure that we continue to provide exceptional nature-based experiences.”
The upgrades and renovations at Midgard are a testament to its commitment to providing guests with unforgettable experiences that capture the essence of Namibia's natural beauty and cultural richness. From modern amenities to thoughtful design elements that reflect the spirit of the land, every detail has been carefully considered to create an ambience of luxury and comfort.
“Beyond enhancing guest experiences, our investment in Midgard underscores our commitment to fostering positive impacts on local communities and the Namibian economy. By attracting international tourism and business to Namibia, we anticipate substantial positive impacts on the local upscaling of our workforce.”
According to O&L Leisure Marketing Manager Maryke van Lill, this aligns perfectly with the group’s aim to ensure that their growth benefits all. “We are thrilled to embark on this journey of transformation at Midgard. These upgrades and renovations not only reinforce our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences but also signify our dedication to contributing to the growth and prosperity of Namibia as a premium destination.”
The upgrades and renovations period is scheduled from 2 April to 24 August 2024.