Gondwana’s Secret Collection expands

The Ekipa and The Nest – exclusivity on the doorstep of Namibia’s wilderness
Gondwana Collection Namibia announced the opening of two new exceptional retreats, The Ekipa and The Nest, scheduled for November this year.
As part of Gondwana’s Secret Collection, each sanctuary is designed for two, seamlessly blending natural beauty with modern luxury. These latest additions to Gondwana’s accommodation portfolio promise an all-inclusive, intimate experience for persons seeking absolute privacy.
The Nest: A Kalahari Oasis
Tucked away amidst the vibrant red Kalahari dunes, just 30km northeast of Mariental, The Nest in the Gondwana Kalahari Park offers a retreat inspired by the traditions of the Khoi San people.
The Kalahari, with its flourishing fauna and flora even in a desert landscape, enchants visitors. This sanctuary of the senses serenades guests with the gentle rustle of the breeze through trees and grasses, offering moments of pure tranquillity.
Immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation with a plunge pool overlooking your private waterhole, providing an unforgettable backdrop for moments of connection and exploration.
The Ekipa: A Bushveld Haven
Nestled amongst majestic mopane trees around 10km south of the Andersson Gate to Etosha National Park, The Ekipa invites guests to immerse themselves in the allure of the African bush. Named after the handcrafted decorative button symbolising wealth and tradition worn by Aawambo women, The Ekipa offers access to a harmonious blend of culture and wildlife. Embark on unforgettable safaris into the legendary Etosha National Park, encountering Africa's iconic wildlife while luxuriating in a fully inclusive experience amidst the enchanting symphony of nature.
Gondwana chief executive Gys Joubert shared his vision for The Ekipa and The Nest, saying they aim to offer guests an extraordinary journey that transcends time and space, leaving an indelible mark on their souls.
“We invite travellers to surrender to the allure of these exclusive sanctuaries, where Gondwana’s renowned hospitality meets unparalleled luxury, embarking on an unforgettable journey of discovery and connection.”