TransNamib trackmen graduate

TransNamib announces the successful qualification of 11 general workers, now certified as trackmen following a rigorous year of study and practical training.
Guided by TransNamib trainer Gavin Feris, these individuals showcased exceptional dedication and skill, culminating in a celebratory event on 30 May 2024.
Feris, pivotal in shaping the development of these new trackmen, commended their perseverance and achievements, stressing the critical importance of their skills in ensuring TransNamib's railway lines' safety and efficiency. Encouraging them to apply their expertise in the field, Feris highlighted their significant role in enhancing their teams.
The certification ceremony saw each graduate receiving certificates.
Lazarus Kazondendu stood out as the top performer, earning special recognition and a trophy for his outstanding achievements.
TransNamib extends congratulations to all newly qualified trackmen, whose dedication epitomises the company's spirit of excellence. As they embark on this new career chapter, TransNamib anticipates their invaluable contributions to the railway network.
Desmond van Jaarsveld, CEO of TransNamib, expressed immense pride in the trackmen's accomplishments, citing their hard work and determination. He conveyed confidence in their ability to excel and wished them continued success.
Furthermore, their promotion underscores TransNamib's commitment to employee growth. The progression of these 11 trackmen from general workers exemplifies the company's dedication to supporting workforce development and advancement.
Trackmen, also known as track workers or maintenance workers, are responsible for railway track upkeep. Their role is vital in maintaining track integrity, and ensuring safe and reliable train operation for passengers and freight transportation.
Additionally, trackmen play a crucial role in combating railway component theft or vandalism through track inspection responsibilities.
As TransNamib addresses challenges regarding the theft of railway components, these trackmen will be pivotal in identifying damaged sections, thereby enhancing safety and maintaining operational capacity.